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When your product is registered with Fair Trade USA your customers are assured that they are buying a quality product that improves lives and protects the environment. Click on each step below to learn more.

  • 1) Source Fair Trade Products or Ingredients
  • 2) Register Your Company
  • 3) Register Your Products
  • 4) Label Your Product
  • 5) Maintain Certification
  • Current Partner with New Products and Packaging?

1) Source Fair Trade Products or Ingredients

There are 2 ways to source Fair Trade products and ingredients

1. Source from a registered Fair Trade USA farmer group or supplier

  • Fair Trade farmer groups: Farmer groups can be found in the Producer Directory located in the Partner Portal. Note: Only registered partners have access to this directory. If you are not a partner, contact for producer information


2. Register your existing supply chain with Fair Trade USA

  • Connect us with your suppliers and/or the farm that grows your product or ingredients 
  • We will work with your supplier/farmers to complete certification application
  • Pre-assessment and on-site audit are scheduled
  • Farmer group receives certificate or is directed to correct non-compliances
  • Copy of certification is sent to Fair Trade USA

2) Register Your Company

Registering your company is simple!

  1. Complete a company registration form online
  2. We send you a contract to sign
  3. Your company receives a Fair Trade ID
  4. Done!


Do your products qualify for Fair Trade registration?

Before completing a company registration form make sure to read all of the info provided in the tabs to the left to determine if they qualify.

Still not sure? Contact us:


Ready to register your company? Click here.

We always try to respond as quickly as possible, but sometimes we get really busy and it may take us a week to respond. Feel free to reach-out to if you haven’t heard back from us within a week.

3) Register Your Products

Once you have registered your company (step 2) you are ready to register your products.


Ready to register your products?

Coffee, produce and floral companies:

  • Contact your account manager to register your Fair Trade products

CPG companies:

4) Label Your Product

Once you have registered your company and products you can register your packaging to use the Fair Trade Certified label on your packaging.


Ready To Register Your Packaging?

5) Maintain Certification

Report purchases and sales

  • Once you are registered you will be contacted by our certification team who will guide you through our user-friendly online portal

Pay Fair Trade USA’s service fee

Current Partner with New Products and Packaging?

New product and packaging registration is easy!

Coffee, produce and floral companies

  • Contact your account manager to register your Fair Trade products and packaging

CPG companies

Have Questions?

Email us: