• This sweet autumn treat comes to us from the one and only Malika Ameen, chef and former Top Chef: Just Desserts contestant. Packed full of Fair Trade Certified fall goodness, it's a guaranteed hit!
  • Looking to satiate that chocolate craving? Try this new twist on the traditional brownie, Fair Trade Style. A dash of cayenne and generous amounts of high-quality chocolate will help your dessert stand out from the rest. Serve up these brownies with a serving of your favorite Fair Trade ice cream and enjoy! 
  •   It's reaching temperatures of 100 degrees where some of us live, but that shouldn't stop you from enjoying your daily caffeine fix with a delicious cup of Fair Trade Certified coffee. Even though it might be too warm for a cup of hot coffee, it's never too warm for an ice-cold glass of delicious, Fair Trade iced coffee.
  • Every bite of this quick, easy cobbler will take your taste buds to the tropics.  Featuring two of the most popular Fair Trade Certified fruits, pineapples and mangos, this dish provides a unique twist on a traditional dessert that honors the delicious products of farmers in the Caribbean.   
  • Featuring a smooth, rich taste and a silky consistency, this Dark Chocolate Cheesecake is as good as dessert gets. This Fair Trade recipe comes to us from Sunspire, a company committed to social responsibility and making a positive impact on our planet. Pair this divine cheesecake with a sprinkle of fresh raspberries and chocolate curls, and you've got a match made in heaven.
  • This delightful Honey Green Tea and Rosemary Fair Trade refresher comes to us from Brian, a food photographer and the writer behind A Thought for Food. Featuring the crisp, sweet taste of Honest Tea's Honey Green Tea, this cool drink hits the spot on a sunny summer afternoon. Cheers!
  • Seeking a unique, oh-so-nutty dessert to satisfy your sweeth tooth? Indulge in these Chocolate Nut Butter Volcano Cookies, and your world will never be the same. This delectable recipe is brought to us by Sunspire, a company committed to social responsibility and making a positive impact on our planet. Don't waste another moment - try your hand at this Fair Trade recipe today!
  • Perfect for any occasion, these Chocolate Chip Mini-Scones go well with a a cup of coffee for breakfast, tea for a mid-afternoon snack, or even as a stand-alone for dessert. Adapted from King Arthur Flour, these delectable, bite-sized delights will send your taste buds soaring. Just one of these Fair Trade scones is never enough... But don't just take our word for it--try them for yourself today!
  • In the mood for a moist, rich chocolate cake that will melt in your mouth? This stunning Flourless Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Glaze is brought to us by our friends Sunspire, a company committed to social responsibility and making a positive impact on our planet. This elegant dessert pairs perfectly with raspberries and whipped cream and is topped with an additional layer of chocolate ganache. Double the Fair Trade chocolate, double the fun!
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