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Americans buy more clothing than any other nation in the world, so let's make every purchase matter! The Fair Trade Certified Apparel and Home Goods program is the first of its kind, enabling consumers to consider the social, economic and environmental bottom line when they shop. With the ability to benefit cotton farmers and the workers who manufacture the products, the Apparel and Home Goods program offers an unprecedented opportunity to positively impact lives, improve communities, and protect the environment.

Bustle: What Makes Clothing Fair Trade Certified, So You Can Feel Confident You're Shopping Completely Ethically

Fair working conditions, safely structured buildings, and worker empowerment are just three of the 354 guidelines Fair Trade USA has structured to rule what makes fair trade clothing, food, home products, and everything else you buy actually fair trade certified. It’s a lot more than just calling an article of clothing fair trade that makes it actually free of unfair labor practices.

Fair Trade trains garment workers on their rights to empower them with have a voice in the workplace.

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