Producer Profiles

Triunfo Verde - Finca Triunfo Verde Sociedad Civil

A small coffee grower and young child pose for the photo.
Antonietta Matias, Finca Triunfo Verde member and beneficiary of the "Café Justo, Vida Sana" health program.
Finca Triunfo Verde is an organization comprised of 447 small coffee producers from six municipalities – La Concordia, Angel Albino Corzo, Siltepec, Montecristo, Chicomuselo and Villacorzo – spread across 20 different communities within the buffer zone of the El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve in Chiapas, Mexico. The reserve, Mesoamerica's largest continuous cloud forest and one of the world's largest, boasts rich biodiversity. The isolated located, however, leaves coffee producers highly marginalized and makes the delivery of coffee to commercialization centers a challenge. The cooperative allocates a portion of their Fair Trade Premiums to facilitating access to these centers for all members, a critical investment for a group of producers that cultivate high quality, organic coffee for the international market. Over the past 10 years, Triunfo Verde has become a staple social enterprise in the community, enabling members to access credit for productivity investments, food security initiatives, health insurance, transport of coffee cherries, construction of collection centers, and other projects aimed at increasing productivity, improving quality, and generating a higher standard of living for all community members.


In the conversation and production program, it is very important to us continuously renovate our small plots from old, sick plants in order to keep producing good coffee and be able to support our family.  

Marín Mejía Morales, Triunfo Verde Member

Fair Trade certification has enabled the organization to achieve a better market trade where we can sell our coffee and have higher incomes. Also, it has allowed us to provide better living conditions and opportunities to our families in terms of food, health, education and management to invest in our plots  

Oscar López Hernández, Supervisory Board


“Café Justo, Vida Sana” - Community Health Program

Financed entirely by Fair Trade Premiums, the “Café Justo, Vida Sana” (Fair Coffee, Healthy Living) Health Program provides free, basic medical care and access to pharmaceuticals to all members, including those who live too far away from the main city to receive regular medical attention. The program has a general health component as well as a specific focus on the detection and treatment of cervical cancer. Traveling clinics rotate among the six communities to provide these services, and many women and families have benefited from the program.

Installation of Solar Panels

Triunfo Verde allocated a portion of the Fair Trade Premium to install solar panels, which will supply electricity to the homes of 60 members and their families as well as the collection, processing, and drying center they use.