Producer Profiles

ROYAL - Royal for Herbs (Ottoman Group)

Royal Ottoman is a company with a history in tea production and packaging dating back to the nineteenth century. Ottoman was founded in 1906 in the city of Apotik, Egypt. The name of the town, which is in Upper Egypt, comes from the Pharaonic name “Potik,” which means "warehouse of medicines and herbs."

Royal for Herbs was eventually founded in 1985 as an affiliate to the Ottoman Group Company meant to take over the production of medicinal herbs and herbal teas. Traditional knowledge from many nearby tea-planting villages combined with state-of-the-art machinery allows for the production of high quality tea. Royal controls all phases associated with the production process, from farming to processing and packaging the end product. The company guarantees high quality, consistent terms and punctual delivery.

The Royal farms are located 45 km southwest of Cairo in an agricultural area of the Shabramant region. The population is primarily involved in small-scale farming of vegetables. Over the last 23 years, Royal has bought or contracted farms in this region, providing residents from neighboring areas with new work opportunities. The company seeks to enhance its workers’ living conditions by increasing the literacy rate, providing access to education and trainings and funding high quality medical care.

Today, Royal sells its products in the European, Middle Eastern and American markets. Royal for Herbs has been Fair Trade Certified™ since 2006, and a large number of its farms are certified organic.


Water Purification Station

The factory is located in a non-serviced area, which means very limited in facilities. To offer our employees a better hygienic life, Royal analyzed the water provided to the region and it showed deviations from the health standards. So a water purification station was constructed on site to offer pure water to all Royal employees. They are also allowed to load water gallons for their houses and families.

Computer Education Center

The center offers computer education using Microsoft Certified and International Computer Driving License (ICDL) approved course ware. The service is offered to employees as well as their families.

Honey Apiary

A Honey Apiary project is currently being prepared.