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Producer Profiles

Roses & Roses

Roses & Roses S.A. was founded in 19967 and is one of many rose producing farms in the Cotopaxi volcano region of Ecuador, but the management of Roses & Roses believes their company is special because they have a strong commitment to worker rights and empowerment. The management and workers believes in the power of Fair Trade and therefore, are proactive in trying to ensure all workers are treated and paid fairly and that management and workers have open lines on communication and discourse between them. Roses & Roses administrators understand that improved living conditions, access to healthcare and educational resources generate better workers. They became Fair Trade Certified™ to help their workers improve their quality of life via community development funds earned from sales of Fair Trade Certified roses.


Fair Trade certification turns production into a virtuous cycle in which companies can get a better price for their product and workers can improve their standard of living.  

Iván Alfredo Salazar Romero, Roses & Roses Manager


Organizational Strengthening

Fair Trade premiums helped workers at Roses & Roses attend a Fair Trade convention in Machala, Ecuador where they learned about new empowerment models and different worker programs at other Fair Trade farms. As a result the Roses & Roses workers are now running trainings for other workers to strengthen the culture and impact of Fair Trade.