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Producer Profiles

Herkulu - Herkulu Tea Estate

Herkulu Tea Estate is situated in the West Usambara Mountains of the Lushoto District and is surrounded by villages that mostly depend on agriculture for their income. Of the estate's more than 600 hectares, which rest at an altitude of 5,000 ft, roughly 230 hectares are devoted only to tea. Herkulu does not use any artificial chemicals or fertilizers in production, and all operations to produce the tea are performed manually.

Although the Herkulu Tea Estate's most important cash crops are coffee and tea, they also produce maize, bananas, maniok, and beans for domestic consumption. Herkulu has a reputation among smallholders as being very responsible as it pays regularly and on time. Though founded in 1961, Herkulu has been certified organic since April 2002.


“I am indebted and thankful to Fair Trade and Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation Limited for the help that has been rendered for making the dream of a new dispensary a reality which has been a source of great help to one and all.”  

Henrich Yose

“I thank Fair Trade for having given me a new lease for a peaceful life.I also thank the buyers who have paid the premium for the Fair Trade teas which has enabled the money to reach the poor and the under privileged.”  

Giliasa Ally

“Fair Trade has improved the quality of my life and has brought happiness to my family which was not there before. I thank Fair Trade, the buyers and Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation Limited for helping me.”  

Mussa Athumani


Local Food Shop

Fair Trade funds have been used to help pay for the construction of a local dispensary. The "Fair Trade Shop" is located near the Herkulu factory and sells cooking oil, fish and maize. The Shop also runs an adjacent mill where maize can be processed at no cost to workers.

Materials Investment

Roof sheeting and bicycles have been purchased for employees on the tea estates.

Bicycles for workers

The cooperative purchased bicycles for many plantation workers and members from nearby villages. This investment enables better access to medical care and resources, from farm equipment to simple food items.