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FEDECARES - Federación de Caficultores de la Region Sur

FEDECARES, or the Federación de Caficultores de la Región Sur, was founded in 1985 with the aim of improving the quality of life in the community, promoting sustainable development, and eliminating dependence on intermediaries in the conventional market.

FEDECARES serves as a focal point of the local coffee growing community, bringing together and educating members of small cooperatives from around the region. Today, it is comprised of 26 smaller groups, 184 base associations with 7,800 members within the whole Federation. All members are located in the southern regions of the Dominican Republic.


Before we discovered Fair Trade, I worked myself to exhaustion with no gain. Once the organization began to sell my coffee at the Fair Trade price my situation changed. Now my three sons are in high school, and I want to continue to sell my coffee at the Fair Trade price so I can provide them with a university education.  

Feliciano Lara Santana, FEDECARES Member


Renovation of infrastructure through more processing equipment

The association has purchased wet, dry, and ecologic processing equipment as part of an infrastructure renovation project that focuses on enhancing coffee quality. The association also provides management capacity building workshops and trainings on post-harvest processing techniques for members.

Premiums for cost of organic certification

Fair Trade premiums have been used to cover the costs of organic certification.

Scholarships for education and equipment

The association gives scholarships to members’ children, provides local schools with sporting equipment, and runs an adult literacy program.