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COOPCAFER - Cooperativa Departamental Caficultores Risaralda

COOPCAFER, or the Cooperativa Departamental de Caficultores Risaralda, is a worker-owned and administered coffee organization in Colombia. It was formed to collectively produce and distribute goods and services for its coffee associates and the communities in which they operate. Their mission is to guarantee the commercialization of coffee at a just price and offer complementary social development programs to their members. Having gone through many changes, in structure and names since the late 1950’s, COOPCAFER came into its current form in 1994. Today, an estimated 3, 274 people are members of the organization, with 17 offices and 16 shops located throughout the department of Risaralda, Colombia.


Access to Medical Professionals

COOPCAFER funded 772 general consultations, 569 dentist appointments, 695 optometry visits, 694 laboratory tests and 604 cancer examinations for members in 2012.

Water Treatment Stations

COOPCAFER purchased and installed 110 water treatment stations systems to lesson the impact of harmful waste-water on the land.

Plant Renewal Program

An estimated 230 members received 462,500 new seedlings from the cooperative’s plant nursery.