Producer Profiles

COOCARAM - Produtores Rurais Organizados para Ajuda Mútua

COOCARAM, or the Cooperativa de Produtores Rurais Organizados para Ajuda Mútua, is a Braziailan coffee cooperative located in Ji-Paraná, Rondônia, in the country’s western Amazon region. Their coffee is cultivated on an estimated 1,200 hectares and they own 4,000 hectares of protected Amazon Rainforest. The first farmers began working collectively in the early 1980’s and have since increased in numbers and gone through several organizational changes – from ACARAM, the Joint Center of Rural Mutual Aid Associations, to COOCARAM in July 2002. Coffee is still their main product, but they have since realized their potential for fruit production as well, including guaraná, banana, cupuacu, pineapple and cherry. The cooperative became Fair Trade Cerified in 2006.