Producer Profiles

CECOCAFEN - Central de Cooperativas Cafetaleras del Norte

Located in Matagalpa, a northern city of Nicaragua, the Central de Cooperativas Cafetales del Norte (CECOCAFEN) is a second level coffee cooperative made up of 2,503 small-scale coffee farmers from 12 cooperatives. CECOCAFEN’s mission is threefold – to produce high quality coffee for demanding markets, provide excellent customer service and raise its members’ quality of life. Since its formation in 1997 and having achieved Fair Trade certification the same year, CECOCAFEN has taken great strides toward fulfilling its goals through a variety of social, environmental and productive programs, many financed by the Fair Trade premium.


Since 1997, my cooperative financed the salary of a teacher, bought an electrical outlet transformer, and installed plumbing for potable water at the cooperative.  

Eualio Munoz

I am able to study Economics at the University with help from a scholarship. My parents were able to put me through high school but could not afford to send me to a University. One year after high school a scholarship opportunity arose. Myself and twelve others benefited from scholarships funded by Fair Trade.  

Gleydis Blandon

Because of Fair Trade, the Cooperative can now make social investments from which I can benefit. There is outside support available because we are united and this is also thanks to Fair Trade. I learned to better manage production and administration. I feel that I am achieving a more dignified and fair life.  

Enrique Manzanares


Community Health Center

CECOCAFEN has built a community health center and has subsidized eye glasses and medical exams for many members and their families.

Credit Program for Women

CECOCAFEN elected to use the Fair Trade social premium to cover the operating costs of a newly established GMAS-credit program. This financial assistance program was created specifically for women, providing them with an alternative source of funding.

Various productive investments

CECOCAFEN spent Fair Trade premium money on a Toyota truck and repairs of a local road. They also installed communication equipment, electrical material, a managership information system and a management quality system.