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Producer Profiles

CAFISUR - Cooperativa de Caficultores del Sur del Tolima

Olivo Rodríguez, Coffee Producer
Fertilization training
The Cooperativa de Caficultores del Sur del Tolima (CAFISUR) is a cooperative from the Tolima coffee-growing region located in the central part of the Colombian Andes. The cooperative exports their exceptionally high-quality coffee through EXPOCAFE, one of the country’s main coffee exporters. Through EXPOCAFE, Fair Trade has helped coffee cooperatives like CAFISUR receive stable and fair prices and benefit from their contributions to social development programs, especially when the coffee market suffers worrisome lows.

Fair Trade premiums have enabled CAFISUR to establish their own social and productive programs as well. Members of the General Assembly are trying to work with local government organizations and international NGOs to co-finance and implement a new waste-management infrastructure for their coffee production and build basic sanitation systems for workers’ homes. CAFISUR became Fair Trade certified in 2006.


Soil Analysis

With $10,948 of the premium, members received training on the importance of analyzing the soil and on how to take a proper soil sample. Every member is equipped with a fertilization plan that serves as a fundamental tool in determining which fertilizers to use and how much of them, in alignment with their unique soil characteristics.

Technical Training for Members

The cooperative provided training for 97 members and their families in areas such as cooperative structure, coffee machinery, clean production and coffee marketing.

Waste Management and Basic Sanitation

The cooperative has worked with government organizations and NGOs on co-financing a waste management infrastructure project and a basic sanitation program for producers’ homes.