Producer Profiles

CAC Perene - Cooperativa Agraria Cafetalera Perene

Above, opening of new plant for wet processing (April 2013). Below, CAC Perene technical assistance experts on the field.
Located in the Perené region of central Peru, the Cooperativa Agraria Cafetalera Perené is a small coffee producer organization founded in 1966. The cooperative has grown to more than 298 members today, but it remains small compared to other producer organizations in the region and country. Its size, however, isn’t an issue in the production of specialty coffee.

Using Fair Trade premiums, the organization has developed programs that provide training, technical assistance and capacity building workshops for their members. The organization firmly believes in the development and social investments made to improve members’ and communities’ living conditions. They hope everyone will soon recognize the importance of small coffee producers and their efforts taken to guaranty the delivery of their product, despite challenges in the global market and recent diseases hitting coffee crops.


Technical Assistance for Members

A technical assistance programs financed with Fair Trade Premiums targets new members looking to improve production and quality of their crops.

A New Wet Milling Facility

CAC Perene members chose to invest portions of their Fair Trade premium in the construction of a new wet milling plant. This includes the acquisition of land where the new plant will stand.