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CAC La Prosperidad - Cooperativa Agraria Cafetalera La Prosperidad de Chirinos

Vegetable seedlings started producing
Production and consumption of guinea pigs
Coffee cupping training
The Cooperativa Agraria Cafetalera La Prosperidad de Chirinos (CAC La Prosperidad) is a cooperative located in the Andean province of San Ignacio in northeastern Peru. In 1968, a group of 35 small-scale farmers with a strong desire to foster social change and achieve economic self-sufficiency founded CAC La Prosperidad.

Today, cooperative members consider La Prosperidad to be a pillar of economic vitality for their community. It has over 520 active members and growing. Coffee production is the primary activity in this region, providing over 90 percent of the population's income. On average, the members of the La Prosperidad cooperative own 2.7 hectares of land, and most of the labor is provided by family members. Each family also grows vegetables and other crops for consumption.


Fair Trade has allowed us to support our children’s education, improve our standard of living, produce high quality coffee and better manage our natural resources.  

Edgar Helgar

By joining forces as smallholder farmers and building scale through our organization, Fair Trade premiums have helped us build an organic fertilizer plant that allows us to provide affordable, environmentally-friendly inputs to our members, improve our quality, and improve the income perceived by each member from their coffee.  

Miguel Esteban Ramirez


Scholarships for Members and Children

The cooperative supports education through the purchase of school supplies for members’ children and through the financing of adult education courses in business administration, finance, law and marketing.

Capacity Building and Training

The cooperative employs experts to train farmers in organic production methods, horticulture and crop diversification.

Mill Run by Women

The cooperative established a local roasting and milling business, all run by women.