Producer Profiles

ASOBAGRI - Asociación Barillense de Agricultores

Sheni Rosalía Díaz Quiñónez, producer & Women’s Committee President. Sales help cover her children’s education; household costs.
ASOBAGRI’s General Assembly decided to increase their academic scholarship fund. Here, a few recipients pose for the photo.
Located in the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala, 200 miles north of the capital city, ASOBAGRI was founded in 1989 by 20 K’Anjob’Al Mayan coffee and cardamom farmers, with the intention of improving the social and economic conditions of all farmers. A period of political violence and financial destitution followed, during which many small farmers abandoned their land.

Since then, however, ASOBAGRI has grown and now counts on more than 1107 members, all growing organic coffee, and over 200 more in transition to organic cultivation. The cooperative is incredibly diverse representing 67 different Mayan communities. Of the 1107 active members growing organic coffee, about 95 are women who produce and process their own. Cooperative members grow high-quality, shade-grown coffee using organic compost. Since Fair Trade Certification in 1999, ASOBAGRI has enjoyed significantly higher revenues. They are now certified Organic, Café Feminino and Bird Friendly.


The advantage of this loan is that it is interest free. I received US$385 and with that was able to begin my harvest. This fund can also help us purchase coffee sacks, baskets for coffee collection, and improve our de-pulping stations to enhance quality.  

Ezequiel Pedro Juan

A tree fell on my house and it was destroyed completely. ASOBAGRI helped me to rebuild my house with $257. This type of support motivates us to keep working hard in coffee. Here in Barillas, this is the only organization that can support us with these kinds of programs.  

Tomás Mateo, ASOBAGRI's Member


Coffee from Women’s Hands

Over half of ASOBAGRI’s female members sell through the program “Café con Manos de Mujer,” which helps women landowners generate incomes independently of their husbands.

Soil Fertility Examinations

ASOBAGRI conducts soil examinations to analyze acidity and fertility levels to help determine the most effective and sustainable production method for individual farms.