Producer Profiles

APAO- Asociación Productores Artesanal Orgánico Tierra Nueva

Asociación de Productores Artesanales y Orgánicos Tierra Nueva (APAO Tierra Nueva) is a small banana producer organization with producers located in the Machala, Milagros and Mariscal Sucre provinces of Ecuador. APAO Tierra Nueva was formed with only 30 producers in 2002 but quickly reached 73 members in 2004, when they also sold between 500 and 1,000 boxes a week. All producers are organic certified.


Health and Insurance Programs

Members and their families attended a workshop on preventative health practices and nutrition. The organization has also used Fair Trade premiums to secure accidental insurance for farmers in case of injury or disability.

Farm and Processing Plant Improvements

In 2005 APAO used 30 percent of their Fair Trade premium on upgrading processing plants, sanitaries and storage units on the farm.

Help with Unexpected Losses

A mortuary fund was created for farmers in the case of an unexpected death in the family.