Producer Profiles

AGUADAS - Cooperativa de Caficultores de Aguadas Pipinta

Cooperativa Caficultores de Aguadas Pipinta (AGUADAS) is a coffee cooperative situated in the Caldas region of Colombia that exports through EXPOCAFE. The municipality of Aguadas is made up of an estimated 64 villages of which 65 percent are dedicated to coffee production. In all, almost 3,000 families make their living growing and selling coffee in this area. Over half of these families are members of AGUADAS. Forty villages participate in a wide range of Fair Trade services and benefits, including life insurance, pension funds and crop diversification. Fair Trade has been essential in their consolidation, expansion and development efforts.


I encourage people to purchase Fair Trade coffee because doing so means that our children can be educated in better schools and have better health. We seek a better life for our members, and Fair Trade has helped us do that.  

Blanca Doris Lopez C., cooperative secretary


College Scholarships

AGUADAS offers university scholarships to members' children and supports local schools.

A Spectrum of Services

The organization has been able to make a variety of investments in its productive capacity thanks to the Fair Trade premium. These investments include the construction of a dry mill, seeds and coffee trees purchases, pest control, organic certification fees, construction of a water treatment plant, self-sufficiency trainings, greenhouses for coffee drying, road repairs, community aqueducts and product transportation, amongst others.

Soil Examinations

The cooperative provides technical assitance for soil examinations to help members increase their quality and productivity.