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Chill Out with the Perfect Fair Trade Cold Coffee Brew

07/23/2010 - 12:33 PM

iced-coffee-finalSummer is in full swing! Long days, street fairs, trips to the beach – what’s not to love? But if there's one harbinger of the season that always seems to disappoint, it's iced coffee. If you are like me and have been let down by bitter iced lattes or acidic iced Americanos, rejoice! We have an easy way for you to prepare refreshing “cold-brewed” coffee by combining ground coffee beans with cold water. No boiling water needed! Believe it or not, using cold water actually releases almost all the delicate flavor compounds in the coffee bean while preventing the majority of oils and acids (that can make coffee taste overly bitter) from entering the mix. Here’s how: iced-coffee-ingredients1. Find a large container with a lid (we used a mason jar). 2. Combine 1/3 cup medium-grind Green Awakening coffee beans* and 1½ cups cold or room temperature water. (The 1:4 ratio of coffee to water will yield a concentrated brew.) iced-coffee-stir-brew3. Stir well and let sit at room temperature 12 hours or overnight. 4. Strain the mixture twice through a coffee filter. 5. Chill the strained coffee concentrate in a lidded container in your refrigerator. iced-coffee-pouring6. Ready to serve and enjoy? Mix equal parts coffee brew concentrate and water. Add milk and sugar to taste and pour over ice. logo 1*Green Awakening offers the perfect organic, 100%Fair Trade Certified™ ground coffee beans to use in making your cup of iced cold brew this summer. This July, for every bag of Café Mujer beans that you buy, Green Awakening will donate $2.50 to nonprofit TransFair USA to help grow the Fair Trade network worldwide. Follow this link and click on the "Get Involved" banner on top to make your purchase on behalf of TransFair USA and Fair Trade today.

07/23/2010 - 12:33 PM
07/23/2010 - 12:33 PM