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Empowering Women

While women do much of the work on small farms and plantations, they often still face unequal treatment, discrimination, and harassment in many rural areas and in factories which have reputations for abuses. Fair Trade strives to help women realize their full potential and to get the respect in their communities that they deserve. Women hired on Fair Trade farms and plantations are guaranteed access to health care, certain job rights, and freedom from harassment so that women are able to play a strong role in their families and in their coops. Fair Trade certified farms have empowered women through opportunities for education, leadership roles, and scholarships so that girls can imagine a future where they can be their own boss.

Thanks to Fair Trade, I sent my son to college to study engineering after my husband passed away. I was struggling to meet expenses with a single income. Without the assistance, I couldn't have managed it. I am thankful to everybody behind this for helping people like us dream big.

Smt. Alli, tea garden worker

Many cooperatives have women’s committees that meet regularly to advance gender equality and create programs to encourage female participation and leadership within the organization.

Grandmother, Coffee Farmer, Leader: Meet Donha Conceção

Last year Fair Trade was more necessary than ever for millions of family farmers like Donha Conceção as our global community faced the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.

This Valentine's Day...Give a Woman a Fair Wage

Fair Trade provides women from Honduras to Sri Lanka with steady wages, education, and opportunities for leadership.

Women, Coffee & Hope: Fair Trade is Blossoming in the Hills of Rwanda

My name is Katie Barrow and I am the PR Manager at Fair Trade USA (you may also know me as the voice behind our Twitter @FairTradeUSA).  I have been working for this amazing, mission-driven...