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Building Sustainable Business

Small farmers face many hurdles in gaining access to today’s global marketplace. From getting access to credit for much needed business purchases, to middlemen who don’t pay fair prices for crops, to simply lacking knowledge of accounting procedures, small producers often cannot make enough to even cover their own costs. This is where Fair Trade Certified comes in. By creating a system of producer cooperatives trained in the necessary skills, Fair Trade farmers are able to deal directly with the market buyers and demand a living wage. With portions of their revenue being continually reinvested, cooperatives are constantly building their capacities and farmers are becoming truly empowered to create change in their communities.

Peru: Land of Machu Picchu and Fair Trade Coffee

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Fair Trade Premium Lifts Income of Garment Workers

Fair Trade certification for Apparel and Linens is the first social, economic and environmental standard that directly benefits the farmers who grow the cotton and the workers who sew the garments...