Thank you for pledging to buy Fair Trade Certified!

Here is a handy shopping guide to help you find Fair Trade Certified products wherever you shop. If you don't find the items listed below, you can fill out a comment card at checkout or ask to talk to the store manager. Every purchase matters!

fair trade certified coffee & tea

Start here – it's your best bet. Coffee was the original Fair Trade Certified product, and there are almost 500 brands available in North America today. That means that you should be able to find at least one variety that suits you. In addition to ground and whole been coffee, you are likely to find the label on boxes of K-Cups, too. Tea is also a popular Fair Trade category, both bagged and loose leaf, so make sure you look through all the boxes to find the Fair Trade tea that you like best!

Fair Trade Certified coffee and tea are also available at many restaurants and cafes. Make sure to thank the manager if you see it on the menu!

fair trade certified coffee
fair trade certified tea

fair trade certified chocolate

This crowd pleaser can be found at most natural and fine food grocery stores. Fair Trade Certified chocolate bars tend to be high-end when it comes to quality, and there are many varieties to choose from. A bar of your favorite Fair Trade Certified chocolate makes a great gift or afternoon snack.

You should also be able to find Fair Trade Certified chocolate chips and bars for baking, allowing you to create your own delicious treats! Many of your favorite brands are using it as an ingredient in products like snack bars, ice creams and cookies.

Fair Trade certification ensures that farmers receive a fair price, allows farmers to invest in techniques that bring out the flavors of the region, and strictly prohibits slave and child labor.

fair trade certified cocoa
fair trade certified cocoa

fair trade certified herbs & spices

Add a taste of Fair Trade to everything you make with Fair Trade Certified herbs and spices. With Fair Trade standards for herb and spice production, small farmers receive a price that allows them to compete in the market, as well as a premium to invest in social and economic projects for their communities.

fair trade certified cinnamon
fair trade certified herbs & spices

fair trade certified clothing

If you're trying to find Fair Trade Certified clothing, your best bet is to look online. This is a relatively new program that directly benefits the farmers who grow the cotton and the workers who sew the garments, offering consumers an unprecedented opportunity to positively impact lives. Participating brands include Good & Fair Clothing, HAE Now, prAna, and Tompkins Point Apparel.

If you want to see more Fair Trade Certified options, please encourage your favorite brand to look into it.

fair trade certified cotton
fair trade certified cotton shirt

fair trade certified sugar and sweeteners

In addition to being sold in bags for baking, Fair Trade Certified cane sugar is a common ingredient in products like ice cream, cookies, chocolate bars and bottled beverages.

Sugar cane farmers are some of the most impoverished in the world as a result of fluctuating prices and difficulty accessing the U.S. market. By connecting directly to buyers, Fair Trade farmers are able to improve the lives of their families and the quality of their products.

Fair Trade Certified agave and honey are also common sweeteners that are starting to appear in more and more grocery stores.

fair trade certified sugar cane
fair trade certified sugar

fair trade certified produce

If you haven't switched to Fair Trade Certified bananas yet, now is the time! The most common Fair Trade Certified fruit, they are now available at many grocery stores around the country. If yours doesn't carry them, be sure to make a request. You may also find Fair Trade Certified pineapples, mangos, cucumbers, bell peppers peaches and more. These are seasonal items, so be sure to look for them every time you shop.

Fair Trade farmers nurture fruits and vegetables to ensure that the freshest and sweetest crops make their way to your kitchen from our global farmer's market. Social responsibility is joining health and environmental concerns as a significant factor in our purchasing decisions.

fair trade certified bananas
fair trade certified bell peppers