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General Fair Trade Mother's Day Posts

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Sign the Fair Trade Mother's Day Card Posts

Help us make the world’s biggest #FairTrade Mother’s Day card ever! Retweet if you'll join us & sign your name here:

We signed the biggest Mother's Day card ever for #FairTrade Moms - have you? Sign your name here! #FairMoms

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Fair Trade Mother's Day Recipe Competition Posts

For a happy & sustainable Mother’s Day, try cooking with #FairTrade! Vote for your favorite recipe here! #FairMoms

Pancakes, omelets, muffins, oh my! Vote for your favorite Mother's Day #FairTrade Brunch recipe here! #FairMoms

Looking for Mother's Day #FairTrade brunch ideas? Get inspired & pick your favorite recipe here! #FairMoms

#FairTrade your Mother’s Day brunch! Impress mom with these tasty recipes & cast your vote for the best! #FairMoms