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Calling all cooks! If you’re looking for festive Holiday recipes, we’ve got you covered! #BakeFair this season here:

Cookies, cocktails, appetizers & more! See how easy it is to #BakeFair this Holiday season with #FairTrade here:

Looking for Holiday recipe ideas? #BakeFair this season & check out our #FairTrade favorites here:

‘Tis the season for Holiday treats! Retweet if you love baking with #FairTrade & get started here:

Retweet if you love baking with #FairTrade & check out these festive Holiday recipes:

#FairTrade chocolate, sugar, coffee... oh my! #BakeFair this Holiday season & check out these recipes here:

Time for some Holiday celebrations! #BakeFair & get the party started with these #FairTrade recipes:

Want to make your Holidays festive AND sustainable? Try baking with #FairTrade! #BakeFair

Have any holiday parties to attend this season? Try making these #FairTrade recipes:

Plan on baking this Holiday season? Check out this NEW recipe page full of #FairTrade treats:

What are your favorite holiday recipes? #BakeFair and check out some of ours: