Sample #BeFair Tweets - Fair Trade Month 2013

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Do you think you’re fair? Prove that you can #BeFair and join the movement!

October is Fair Trade Month! Learn more about #FairTrade and how you can #BeFair here:

October is the 10th Annual Fair Trade Month! #BeFair & celebrate the global impact of #FairTrade here:

We’re proud to be part of the #FairTrade movement. Retweet if you are too! #BeFair

Do your friends know #FairTrade empowers farming communities? Fair Trade Month is the time to tell them to #BeFair!

#BeFair this Fair Trade Month and make a difference in the lives of farming communities around the world!

Have you met the inspirational farmers & farm workers of #FairTrade? #BeFair & support them this Fair Trade Month:

Are you committed to making every purchase matter? Choose fairness & #BeFair this Fair Trade Month!

We believe every purchase matters. Retweet if you agree, and learn how you can #BeFair this Fair Trade Month here:

It’s Fair Trade Month! #BeFair and make every purchase matter by committing to buy #FairTrade in October:

Fairness is something we value in our everyday lives. We choose to #BeFair this Fair Trade Month. RT if you do too!

Together we can make a difference when we choose fairness. Join the #BeFair movement at

Thanks for choosing to #BeFair and supporting us this Fair Trade Month. Every purchase matters!

#FairTrade empowers us to carry products with a positive impact. Choose to #BeFair this Fair Trade Month:

Do you believe in fairness? Show how fair you are at & spread the word about Fair Trade Month! #BeFair

Coffee, bananas, cotton, sugar… Every purchase matters! Learn how you can #BeFair this Fair Trade Month here:

We choose to #BeFair, do you? Prove your town is the fairest in the country!

Choosing #FairTrade goods helps improve the lives of communities around the world. #BeFair and spread the word at

#BeFair during your next trip to the grocery store and choose #FairTrade. It’s Fair Trade Month!

Help us raise awareness for #FairTrade this Fair Trade Month! #BeFair and spread the word to your friends:

#FairTrade empowers farming communities to fight poverty. Help spread the word to #BeFair this Fair Trade Month!

Quality products. Improving Lives. Protecting the environment. That’s what #FairTrade is about! #BeFair & learn more: