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Doing Business with Fair Trade USA

Fair Trade is a great way for your business and its customers to help empower farmers and farm workers to lift themselves out of poverty, invest in their communities, protect the environment, and develop the skills necessary to compete in the global marketplace.


Fair Trade Coffee

Fast Facts About Fair Trade Coffee

Impact Reports

Fair Trade USA's Product Impact Reports focus on the benefits of Fair Trade in seven of our major product categories: tea, cocoa, sugar, wine, coffee, flowers and bananas. These category-specific reports highlight the industry background and development issues unique to each supply chain.  All reports contain 2009 Fair Trade market performance data, information on Fair Trade premiums paid to farmers and workers, and testimonials from producers on their experiences with Fair Trade. Reports also include examples of how producer organizations are managing social projects with premium funds from Fair Trade sales. Fair Trade Impact Reports are published on an annual basis. For more information on these publications, please contact us.

Plan Your Event

We hope your Fair Trade Event is an opportunity to have fun and engage participants creatively in thinking about Fair Trade and taking action! The following tools will help walk you through the steps involved in planning a successful event.

Textile Insight--Fair Trade Apparel