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  • These fancy little bite-sized treats are simple to make and even more fun to eat!  Adapted from All Recipies and made with Fair Trade Certified ingredients.
  • As strawberry season approaches, it’s natural to want to try and fit those little red gems into all baked goods – especially scones.  The contrast between the dryness of the scone and the softness of the strawberries is basically perfection!  
  • Everyone will appreciate this classic oatmeal recipe!  Loaded full of deliciousness!  Recipe from Simply Recipes.
  • This refreshing sorbet will be a treat on a hot summer's day!  Whip it up in minutes!
  • Whip these cookies up in no time at all!  Easy and simple for the entire family to enjoy!  One of our favorites here at Fair Trade USA!
  • Tiramisu means "lift me up" in Italian, and this recipe is sure to do just that!  Perfect for every occasion, this fluffy espresso-inspired cake will be the highlight of the day.  From Smitten Kitchen and made with Fair Trade Certified ingredients!
  • Are you obsessed with chocolate?  This is the perfect recipe for you!  Great for all occassions, it will leave every sweet tooth happy!  From the Guittard Chocolate Company and made with Fair Trade Certified ingredients!
  • Try this delicious, seasonal citrus pound cake while you can!  The flavor of the grapefruit is sure to brighten up your day.  Adapted from Smitten Kitchen and made with Fair Trade Certified ingredients!
  • Crepes aren't just for breakfast anymore!  With fluffy vanilla cream between layers of healthy whole wheat crepes, this cake is great choice!
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