Honest Tea Peach Pick


With summer just around the corner, a chilled beverage is the best way to keep the heat at bay. The Peach Pick has a hint of summery peaches, refreshing organic tea, and cool mint for a guaranteed new favorite during the warmer months.

Honest Tea Peach Pick

Serves: 1



Tear mint leaves in half and place in the bottom of a tumbler. Add in thin peach slices and muddle with the handle of a sturdy wooden spoon—gently grinding the tool into the leaves and fruit until fragrant. Don’t over-muddle. Pour in vodka (or seltzer water for something non-alcoholic) and Honest Tea Organic Peach tea and stir. Add plenty of ice and garnish with more thinly sliced peaches and fresh mint leaves, optional.

Looking for a sweet way to cool down this summer? Try this #FairTrade Peach Pick from Honest Tea!

All photo and recipe credit to:  Honest Tea