Chamomile Vinaigrette

1 tsp (rounded) Fair Trade Certified Egyptian Chamomile Leaves
1/4 Cup White Wine Vinegar
1 Tbsp Fair Trade Certified Organic Honey
1/2 tsp Chopped Thyme
1/2 tsp Minced Shallots
Salt & Pepper
1/2 Cup Olive Oil


  • Place tea and vinegar in a small sauce pan and bring to a boil. The leaves will infuse the vinegar with their flavor.
  • Let simmer 1 minute and remove from heat.
  • Strain liquor; make sure to press the leaves to remove and remaining liquid.
  • Combine Tea-infused Vinegar, Honey, Thyme, Shallots, Salt and Pepper.
  • Slowly add Olive Oil while whisking to keep emulsification from separating.
  • Splash on a salad and enjoy! I’d recommend something with baby greens and lots of tomatoes – quick before these end-of-season tomatoes are all gone!

Recipe submitted by Art of Tea