Alta Palla Blood Orange Ginger Mojito

Looking for a refreshing Fair Trade friendly way to put some of those fresh herbs in your garden to use and spice up your next summertime soiree? Try this Fruit inspired spin on a classic Mojito. We promise the blood orange and ginger will be a delicious compliment to this popular summertime cocktail. 

Blood Orange Ginger Mojito

Serves: 1


  • Fresh Mint Leaves (5-10)
  • Fresh Slices of Ginger (2-3)
  • Fresh Slices of Blood Orange (Garnish)


Combine in shaker ice, fresh lime juice, fresh mint and fresh ginger. Muddle. Pour contents into glass and add rum and Alta Palla Blood Orange. Garnish with fresh mint sprig and blood orange slice.
Put a #FairTrade spin on your favorite minty cocktail with this mojito recipe from Alta Palla!

All photo and recipe credit to:  Alta Palla