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Warm on a cold winter's day or chilled to beat the summer heat, your favorite tea starts with skilled workers on farms around the world. Fair Trade Certified tea comes from both cooperatives and from large farms. Fair Trade helps tea farmers and workers gain access to capital, set fair prices for their products, and make democratic decisions about how to best improve their business, their community and their tea.

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GOOD Magazine: Steep Progress

At the end of a recent feast at Restaurant R’evolution in New Orleans, I ordered a cup of hot tea and was presented with an elegant silver kettle filled with an intoxicatingly aromatic lemon meritage brew. Another notable meal enjoyed not long ago at Fixe in Austin began with a tableside steeping of their house iced tea, a black tea and fruit blend customized for them by a local “tea guru.”

The Fair Trade system sources from over 110 tea estates and cooperatives around the world.


Allegro Handcrafted Coffee

Ambassador Organics

Argo Tea Incorporated

Art of Tea

Bhakti Chai

Blue Buddha Beverages LLC

  • Blueberry Green Tea
  • Chamomile Lavender
  • Elderberry Lemon
  • Bully Blends Coffee & Tea Shop Incorporated

    Cafe Moto

    Cafe Virtuoso LLC

    Caravali Coffee

    Celestial Seasonings

    China Mist

    Choice Organic Tea Granum Incorporated

    Coffee - Tea - Etc LLC

    Conscious Mind Products, LLC

    Cost Plus Incorporated

    Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea

    Da Cha Teas

    David Rio

    Davidson's Organics


    Den's Tea

  • Den's Tea - Earl Grey
  • Den's Tea - English Breakfast
  • Den's Tea - Tropical Mango
  • Desta Epicures Guild

    Excellent Tea LLC

    Farmer Brothers Coffee

    Fashionista Tea

    Firepot Chai

    Foxfire Teas LLC

    Frontier Co-op; Simply Organic, Aura Cacia

    Gizmo Beverages LLC

    Golden Valley Farms Coffee Roasters


    Hampstead Tea

    Harley Enterprises

    Harney & Sons

    Honest Tea

    ITO EN (North America) INC

    J & R Port Trading Incorporated


    Kroger Company

    Labrang Tea Traders

    Light of Day Organic Teas

    Lindsay's Teas

    Little Red Cup Tea Company

    Live Your Love LLC

    Longevite Tea

  • Celtic Charmer (0.5 lb)
  • Celtic Charmer (1 lb)
  • Celtic Charmer (3.5 oz)
  • Dali Darjeeling (0.5 lb)
  • Dali Darjeeling (1 lb)
  • Dali Darjeeling (3.5 oz)
  • English Morning (0.5 lb)
  • English Morning (1 lb)
  • English Morning (3 oz)
  • Fire & Rain (0.5 lb)
  • Fire & Rain (1 lb)
  • Fire & Rain (3.5 oz)
  • Jasmine Jewel (4 oz)
  • Pearl Gunpowder (4.5 oz)
  • The Earl (0.5 lb)
  • The Earl (1 lb)
  • The Earl (3.5 oz)
  • Majani Teas

    Mama Ganache Artisan Chocolates

    Meijer Grocery

    Mother Parker's Tea & Coffee Incorporated

    New World Tea

    Numi Organic Tea

    Octavia Tea

    Pacific Natural Foods

    Paromi Tea

  • Chamomile Lavender
  • Cinnamon Chai
  • Detox with Me
  • Hibiscus Berry
  • Lemon Ginger
  • Peppermint
  • Rasberry Swirl
  • Royal Breakfast
  • Peet's Coffee & Tea

    Plan Tea Beverages

  • Black Tea
  • Black Tea Infused with Mint
  • Green Tea
  • White Tea
  • White Tea Infused with Lemon & Ginger
  • PONOinfusions

    RC Bigelow Incorporated

    RedCo Foods

    Rembrandt's Coffee / Priddy Bros.

    Rishi Tea


    Sattwa Chai

    Sodexo Corporate

    Starwest Botanicals

    Stash Tea

    Steaz Organic Iced Teas and Energy Drinks

    Sterling Tea

    Stop & Shop

    Tadin Herb & Tea Co

    Tea Forte

  • EcoBag Skin Smart Cherry Marzipan
  • EcoBag Skin Smart Cucumber Mint
  • EcoBag Skin Smart Honey Yuzu
  • EcoBag Skin Smart Lychee Coconut
  • EcoBag Skin Smart Swiss Apple
  • EnviroTin Apricot Amaretto
  • EnviroTin Blueberry Merlot
  • EnviroTin Cherry Cosmo
  • EnviroTin Kiwi Lime Ginger
  • EnviroTin Mojito Marmalade
  • Filterbag Coconut Chai Latte
  • Filterbag Coconut Choc Truffle
  • Filterbag Coconut Mango Colada
  • KATI Gift Set Noir
  • KATI Single Steeps Set
  • LTC Apricot Amaretto
  • LTC Black Cherry
  • LTC Blood Orange
  • LTC Blueberry Merlot
  • LTC Caramel Nougat
  • LTC Cherry Cosmo
  • LTC Chocolate Rose
  • LTC Kiwi Lime Ginger
  • LTC Mojito Marmalade
  • LTC Peach Brulee
  • LTC Skin Smart Cherry Marzipan
  • LTC Skin Smart Cucumber Mint
  • LTC Skin Smart Honey Yuzu
  • LTC Skin Smart Lychee Coconut
  • LTC Skin Smart Swiss Apple
  • Medium Tin Noir
  • Petite Ribbon Box Herbal Retreat
  • Petite Ribbon Box Noir
  • Ribbon Box Hamptons
  • Ribbon Box Herbal Retreat
  • Ribbon Box Noir
  • Single Steep Sampler Noir
  • Single Steeps Assortment
  • Single Steeps Earl Grey
  • Single Steeps Forte Breakfast
  • Single Steeps Herbal Retreat
  • Single Steeps- Organic Loose Tea 10 Pouches
  • Small Tin Noir
  • Tea Tibet

  • Tea Tibet Compassion
  • Tea Tibet Happiness
  • Tea Tibet Harmony
  • Tea Tibet Kindness
  • The Republic of Tea

    The Tea Spot

    Third Street Chai; Cooper Tea Company

    Time Out Products

    Trade Me International LLC

  • Darjeeling Tea, 12pk case
  • Green Tea, 12pk case
  • Grey Tea, 12pk case
  • Harvest Spice Tea, 12pk case
  • Jade Blossom Tea, 12pk case
  • Jasmine Tea, 12pk case
  • Mixed Fruit Tea, 12pk case
  • Passion Fruit Tea, 12pk case
  • Peppermint Tea, 12pk case
  • Really Red Tea, 12pk case
  • Rise & Shine Tea, 12pk case
  • Vanilla Tea, 12pk case
  • Trader Joe's

    Traditional Medicinals

    Trail Lodge Tea

  • Apple Crisp - .5oz
  • Apple Crisp - 2oz
  • Apple Crisp - 4oz
  • Black Rasberry
  • Black Rasberry
  • Blueberry Cheesecake
  • Cherry Almond Rooibos
  • Cherry Cola - 2oz
  • Cherry Cola - 4oz
  • Daniel Boone Tea - .5oz
  • Daniel Boone Tea - 2oz
  • Daniel Boone Tea - 4oz
  • Earl Grey Garden - .5oz
  • Earl Grey Garden -2oz
  • Earl Grey Garden -4oz
  • Eggnog
  • Eggnog
  • Five Peaks
  • Gingerbread Rooibos
  • Golden Halo Yunnan
  • Golden Halo Yunnan
  • High Country Tea
  • Jasmine - 2oz
  • Jasmine - 4oz
  • Loggerhead Tea - 2oz
  • Loggerhead Tea - 4oz
  • Pumpkin Pie - .5oz
  • Pumpkin Pie - 1oz
  • Pumpkin Pie - 2oz
  • Root Beer Rooibos
  • Smokey Mountain - .5oz
  • Smokey Mountain - 2oz
  • Smokey Mountain - 4oz
  • Strawberry Mango
  • Strawberry Mango
  • Trail Lodge Tea- Celtic Cottage- .5oz
  • Trail Lodge Tea- Celtic Cottage- 2oz
  • Trail Lodge Tea- Celtic Cottage- 4oz
  • Trail Lodge Tea- Cranberry Chai - .5oz
  • Trail Lodge Tea- Cranberry Chai - 1oz
  • Trail Lodge Tea- Cranberry Chai - 2oz
  • Trail Lodge Tea- Katmai Chai - 2oz
  • Trail Lodge Tea- Katmai Chai - 4oz
  • Trail Lodge Tea- Sea Turtle Green Tea
  • Twinings North America Incorporated

    Two Leaves & a Bud Tea Company

    Wellspring Industries

  • Tutea Frutea: Jasmine
  • Tutea Frutea: Raspberry Essence
  • Tutea Frutea: Spring Blossom
  • Tutea Frutea: Sweet Trio
  • Tutea Frutea: Vanilla Cream Earl Grey
  • Whole Foods Market

    Zhena's Gypsy Tea

    Zhi Tea LLC