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Sunrise fishing, Waepure, Buru Island, Indonesia

The Fair Trade Certified™ Capture Fisheries Program is the first of its kind to offer industry and consumers a holistic choice in sourcing responsible seafood by addressing social, economic, and environmental criteria. The well-recognized Fair Trade consumer-facing label is a mechanism to reward best in class seafood companies for their commitment to sourcing ethical seafood, and we are actively looking to expand this program.

If you are interested in purchasing Fair Trade seafood, please contact Fair Trade USA to discuss implementing Fair Trade within your existing fishery suppliers or to request a list of Fair Trade registered fisheries.

Importers & Processors

How to Import Fair Trade Seafood

  • Sign a Fair Trade USA certification and licensing agreement.
  • Purchase Fair Trade Certified™ seafood from Fair Trade registered fishermen. Sell Fair Trade Certified seafood to other Fair Trade registered traders and operators.
  • Pay the designated Fair Trade Premium to certified fishermen – see the Pricing Database.
  • Pay Fair Trade USA’s annual licensing fee of 2% of the wholesale price.
  • Submit quarterly reports to Fair Trade USA on Fair Trade Certified imports and sales. Undergo, and comply with, regular desk and on-site audits.
  • Submit all packaging, sales and marketing material carrying the Fair Trade Certified logo to Fair Trade USA for approval.

Retailers and Food Service Providers

How to Sell Fair Trade Seafood

  • Purchase Fair Trade Certified™ seafood from a registered importer or processor.
  • Work with Fair Trade USA’s communications department to maximize sales impact and collaborate on consumer marketing opportunities.