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Fair Trade farmers nurture fruits and vegetables to ensure that the freshest and sweetest crops make their way to your kitchen from our global farmer's market. Social responsibility is joining health and environmental concerns as a significant factor in our purchasing decisions. Fair Trade Certified™ produce brings the best of both worlds together — creating healthy, happy farming communities and ecosystems, and delivering the healthiest, most flavorful produce.

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Skoll Foundation Visits Fair Trade Certified Banana Farm in Colombia

What is Empowerment? Our Principal’s Visit to Fair Trade USA in Colombia

by Ana Zacapa

We often hear the term empowerment, but wonder what it really actually means. When I recently visited Skoll Awardee Fair Trade USA in northern Colombia, I saw it firsthand.

Since 2004, Haitian farmers have seen their income from selling Fair Trade mangos more than triple. Each farmer owns an average of three trees, and almost a third of Fair Trade mangos are also certified organic.


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