You can enjoy chocolate that makes you feel as good as it tastes! Cocoa farmers are often forced to sell their harvest to middlemen who rig scales or misrepresent prices, and media reports of child slavery show the stark contrast between the delicious treat and the difficult conditions of the people who produce it. Fair Trade certification ensures that farmers receive a fair price, allows farmers to invest in techniques that bring out the flavors of the region, and strictly prohibits slave and child labor.

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NBC News: Chocolate Is a Bittersweet Way of Life in Ghana

This should be a prosperous time for Justice Obini, a cocoa farmer in West Africa. With appetite for chocolate at an all-time high – the global demand has risen 13 percent in five years – his cocoa beans are sought after. Yet Obini struggles daily to take care of his farm -- and his family of ten.

Thanks to Fair Trade I have received capacity building trainings on organic production and now I am committed to maintaining a method of production that will protect and sustain the environment.

Ramón Rojas Runco

Women from cocoa-growing families have started businesses making cocoa wine, jams, baked goods, chocolate ruffles and community crafts. This allows them to diversify their source of income, and protect themselves and their families from market fluctuations.


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