Producer Profiles

Valentine Growers Company

Valentine Growers is a flower producer located in the Kiambu District about 15 kilometers from Nairobi, Kenya. The company was founded in 1996 and is 26.6 hectares. It produces 55 million stems of many varieties each year. Two farms make up the company’s land and the different altitudes of the farms allow for the production of such a wide range of flowers.
Workers in this particular region of Kenya traditionally have limited access to adequate education and healthcare facilities. Economic opportunities are scarce and as a result most families have low household incomes. In order to gain market access and improve the socioeconomic status of the workers and their community, Valentine Growers became Fair Trade Certified™.


This new health clinic is a great solution to the long time problem of distance from medical facilities, especially for expectant and nursing mothers. The facility has also become a source of employment to the residents of the area.  

Mr. Komu - Kasphat community chairman

I have always dreamed of holding my own drivers license but couldn’t due to my financial situation. Thanks to Fair Trade and their support for my driving classes, I'm now a proud owner of a driver's license!  

Mr. David Njoroge - packing worker at Valentine

Words may not be enough to convey my appreciation for your generous gesture. You have shown your commitment to the future of these young people and to the whole country. To us you are a partner.  

Mr. Gitimu, Cianda High School Prinipal


Workers commission construction of new health center

Fair Trade farm workers approved the construction of a medical clinic, a waste incinerator and latrines for the Kaspaht township. The Kenyan Ministry of Public Works oversees the Fair Trade premium-funded project, which will improve health standards of the Kaspaht community by providing much needed aid and medical care. The dispensary now operates every day under the supervision of the local community.

Microcredit loans available for flower growers

Workers at Valentine Growers allocated a portion of Fair Trade premiums for home improvement projects. Low-interest loans are available to workers to improve their living conditions. Some workers have used funds to buy dairy cows to sell milk. Others have purchased motor bikes to offer transportation services as an additional source of income. Some have even started their own small businesses. The program is currently being implemented in phases and has benefited over 285 workers since its inception.

Fair Trade premiums fund workshops and pay for tuition to empower workers

In order to empower workers and increase their skills, the Fair Trade committee of workers encourages employees to enroll in vocational courses. Fair Trade premiums pay for half of tuition fees. Many workers have already participated in courses in driving, computer literacy and management.

Fair Trade premiums fund latrine improvement project

To improve sanitation at local schools, the farm workers voted to approve the construction of pit latrines. Cianda High School was the first school to improve its latrines in 2009; four schools in total will benefit.