Producer Profiles

UROCAL - Unión Regional de Organizaciones Campesinas Litoral

Unión Regional de Organizaciones Campesinas del Litoral (UROCAL) emerges in 1974 in the context of agrarian reform and land legalization processes in Ecuador. In 1984, they became a legal and nationally recognized entity, establishing their constitution which, from its creation, set to promote programs that would improve the living conditions of their members.

UROCAL is a regional organization of rural small and medium producers, primarily harvesting banana but also some cocoa. They are driven to achieve sustainable development initiatives for its associates and the communities where they operate –with integral human development, the family unit, the cooperation, justice and solidarity at their core.


Health and Dental Care Clinics

UROCAL provides free health and dental care clinics for its members and their families.

Organic Garden and Composting Project

UROCAL members have cultivated an organic garden. The organization has also started a composting program, making organic compost available to all of their members.