Producer Profiles

UCASUMAN - Unión Cooperativas de Servicios Unidos Mancotal

The Unión de Cooperativas Agropecuarias de Servicios Unidos de Mancotal (UCASUMAN) was founded June 20, 2001 in Jinotega, Nicaragua. It is a union of cooperatives formed by small male and female coffee producers, commercializing organic and conventional coffee for exportation. Several producers also harvest basic grains and raise cows for lactose products, all in efforts to gain higher incomes and generate a better standard of living for workers, their families and community. UCASUMAN primarily works to export coffee into international markets and in doing so has provided much impact for their community through investments and trainings for their economic and social development initiatives, made possible with Fair Trade premium funds.


Educational Investments

UCASUMAN has used portions of the Fair Trade premium to invest in education. In addition to the construction of a new elementary school, they have established a scholarship program to support students receiving technical training. The General Assembly also assists children with disabilities to access education.

Improving Capacity to Manage Credit

UCASUMAN invested Fair Trade premiums in strengthening the management and organization of the cooperative's credit records. The goal of the financial program was to improve each family's logistical capacity of managing credit in the home, especially families living in the countryside. In addition, families were supplied with desks and stationary to create a work environment in their home.

Headquarters and Cupping Lab Construction

In 2008, the General Assembly elected to invest a portion of Fair Trade funds in the construction of the UCASUMAN headquarters, distribution center and cupping lab.