Producer Profiles

UCA San Juan

UCA SAN JUAN is a second level coffee cooperative made up of eight smaller cooperatives covering five communities in the San Juan del Río Coco and Telpaneca districts in the northeastern region of Nicaragua. The cooperative was founded in 1992, certified organic in 1993, and became Fair Trade Certified in 2004. UCA San Juan del Rio Coco produces high quality washed coffees and some microlots.


“For our members, the most important component of Fair Trade is the social aspect. With the premium, we have been able to contribute to the improved livelihoods of our members through the implementation of the social projects within our member communities.”  




UCA SAN JUAN purchased and distributed 130 computers to children in members’ communities. The cooperative has also created a fund that is used both for scholarships’ for members’ children, as well as financial aid in times of tragedy or family loss.

Eight local youth baseball team received new uniforms thanks to UCA SAN JUAN, benefitting 144 children. UCA SAN JUAN also purchased 130 new stoves for members in order to alleviate environmental pollution, decrease deforestation, as well as eliminate the source of fumes that families inhaled from traditional cooking methods

Productivity & Quality

UCA SAN JUAN has invested in improving quality control with the implementation of a new cupping lab, as well as upgraded wet mills.