Producer Profiles

UCA Miraflor

UCA Heroes y Martires de Miraflor was founded in the nineties to enable small scale farmers in northern Nicaragua to effectively navigate the political and economic problems present in the unpredictable coffee market. Currently 15 cooperatives, consisting of 417 members, make up UCA Miraflor. Ecotourism, crop diversification, organic production, and a commitment to sustainable development are just a few of the many reasons why UCA Miraflor is a vision for the future of Fair Trade.

UCA Miraflor is part of the Natural Reserve of Miraflor, and the farmers treat their environment with the utmost respect, since the beautiful, lush mountains of EstelĂ­ are not only a source of financial benefit, but they are also home. These coffee farmers welcome visitors into this nature reserve with open arms: home stays, tours, and a variety of ecotourism options are available to educate the public about the benefits of Fair Trade and the amazing ecosystems of the Nicaraguan jungle. Premiums from their high quality, organic coffee has lead to the sustainable farmers to invest in social programs, reforestation projects, technical assistance initiatives, and productive infrastructure.