Producer Profiles

Tunas Indah Coffee Farmers Cooperative

Mr. Bakat and Mr. Muchsin pose for a photo.
The Tunas Indah Coffee Farmers Cooperative, founded in 1998 in Indonesia, is one of the largest cooperatives in the Bener Meriah region, with over 4,000 members. This region is home to Gayo coffee, a type of specialty coffee for which demand is strong and growing. The area was ridden by civil war from 1976 until 2005 from constant friction between the Indonesian government and the “Free Aceh” rebels. The civil war claimed many lives and had an impact on the social and economic development of the region. Tunas Indah is organic and Fair Trade certified. This has helped farmers in the cooperative learn new techniques and use Fair Trade premiums to fund social programs.


Since we became Fair Trade Certified, the welfare of members has increased and the cooperative is more transparent in managing the premium to members. Members can also feel the benefits of our organization and Fair Trade when fair prices are provided, these based on maintaining high quality and standards.  

Mr. Bakat, General Manager


Workshops Aim to Improve Quality

Beginning September 2013, producers across 33 villages receive professional training to help increase their production and coffee quality.

Seed Distribution and New Varieties

Each member received five fresh seedlings from a plant nursery that members created to experiment with new varieties.

Access to Food Staples

Members are given packages with basic food staples including rice, vegetable oil and sugar.