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Triunfo Verde - Finca Triunfo Verde Sociedad Civil

Finca Triunfo Verde is an organization comprised of 447 small coffee producers from six municipalities – La Concordia, Angel Albino Corzo, Siltepec, Montecristo, Chicomuselo and Villacorzo – spread across 20 different communities within the buffer zone of the El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve in Chiapas, Mexico. The reserve, Mesoamerica's largest continuous cloud forest and one of the world's largest, boasts rich biodiversity. The isolated located, however, leaves coffee producers highly marginalized and makes the delivery of coffee to commercialization centers a challenge. The cooperative allocates a portion of their Fair Trade Premiums to facilitating access to these centers for all members, a critical investment for a group of producers that cultivate high quality, organic coffee for the international market. Over the past 10 years, Triunfo Verde has become a staple social enterprise in the community, enabling members to access credit for productivity investments, food security initiatives, health insurance, transport of coffee cherries, construction of collection centers, and other projects aimed at increasing productivity, improving quality, and generating a higher standard of living for all community members.


Rust damaged our coffee plots, which is where we get our coffee, and feed our families. The best seeds are selected, to renew our plantations and these can withstand the effects of rust. With more young trees, we can produce more quality coffee, to sell to customers, who like our coffee.  

Hugo Lares, General Adviser


Coffee Renovation and Pest Mitigation

Triunfo Verde members are utilizing premium funds to manage and mitigate Roya infestations on their affected coffee plants. The cooperative has constructed centralized greenhouses producing 700,00 coffee plants annually. Through this process, each producer renews 15% of his plot annually.