Producer Profiles

Triunfo Verde - Finca Triunfo Verde Sociedad Civil

Triunfo Verde is an organization from six municipalities – La Concordia, Angel Albino Corzo, Siltepec, Montecristo, Chicomuselo and Villacorzo – spread across 20 different communities within the buffer zone of the El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve in Chiapas, Mexico. The isolated location leaves coffee producers highly marginalized and makes the delivery of coffee to commercialization centers a challenge. The cooperative allocates a portion of their Fair Trade Premiums to facilitating access to these centers for all members, a critical investment for a group of producers that cultivate high quality, organic coffee for the international market.


“The Fair Trade premium has been an amazing resource that has permitted social investments such as food security, health, gender equity, but also coffee renovation, especially in the last two years, in order to be able to effectively combat coffee leaf rust.”  

Jaime Lopez, PRESIDENT


Productivity & Quality

In recent years, rust has affected 40% of Triunfo Verde’s production. In 2015, members voted to invest in nurseries in order to renovate their older, more susceptible plants. Additionally Triunfo Verde was able to use the premium to purchase the necessary equipment to apply fungicide to members’ plants, which also helps to control rust.

Organic coffee plants require additional efforts to prevent and combat coffee leaf rust. Which is why Triunfo Verde invested in technical assistance and training to help recuperate members’ organic production.