Producer Profiles

SOPPEXCCA - Sociedad de Pequeños Productores Exportadores y Comercializadores de Café

SOPPEXCCA was formed in Jinotega, Nicaragua in 1997, and began selling into the international coffee market in 1999. It developed a structure based on the democratic participation of each and every producer from all cooperatives. A youth movement was also integrated. This movement has produced many coffee inspectors, baristas, and advisors on quality improvement and environmental protection. The youth movement prepares programs of alphabetization, music, and cultural education. One of the reasons the organization chose to become Fair Trade Certified was to obtain a better price, which means improving their standard of living.


“One of the most important aspects for this organization is to be able to depend on buyers and consumers that believe in this way of doing business for our producing families, which allows us to further invest in each member’s production and thereby increase household income of every member’s family.”  

Fatima Ismael Espinoza, GENERAL MANAGER


Farmer Finances

During the last harvest cycle for SOPPEXCCA, the coffee market price was extremely low. In order to remain competitive with other buyers, SOPPEXCCA used the premium for an additional payment to producer members.

Productivity & Quality

One hundred twenty producer members of SOPPEXCCA benefitted from a premium-funded Renovation Program in 2015. The program, approved by the general assembly, helps producers with rust-resistant varieties as well as more productive varieties, so that members can more effectively increase their incomes.