Producer Profiles

Sol & Café - Cooperativa de Servicios Multiples Sol & Cafe

SOL & CAFÉ was formed in 2005 in Jaen with the support of the technical team from Caritas Jaen, with 27 initial base organizations. In 2006 they began the process of becoming a certified organic producer of coffee, and 100 producers from the association were certified with Bio Latina. In September of 2008 SOL&CAFÉ became a beneficiary of the Project PROCAFE, financed by FONDO EMPLEO and implemented by Caritas Jaen. In 2010, SOL&CAFE began the certification process for Fair Trade. This certification opened new doors for the cooperative, as they were finally able to export their goods directly to markets in the United States, Canada, and Europe.


“Thanks to your Fair Trade purchases, you are supporting producers in obtaining a better quality of life. This creates a commitment on the part of the producer to produce the best coffee in the world.”  



Productivity & Quality

SOL & CAFÉ used the premium to organize programs that helped coop members and field technicians, as well as to purchase fertilizers. The premium also allowed SOL & CAFÉ to invest in a dry processing construction project, both for natural patios as well as highly efficient machinery.


In order to lessen the financial burden on their members, SOL & CAFÉ created a mortuary fund to help with funeral expenses.

Producer Organizations

SOL & CAFÉ strengthened their organization through producer and board member empowerment trainings, marketing and promotion, as well as up-to-date legal, financial, and accounting advising.