Producer Profiles

Shalimar Flowers

Shalimar Flowers is a Fair Trade cut-flower and vegetable farm located on the northern shores of Lake Naivasha in the Nakuru District of Kenya's Rift Valley Province. Major concerns for flower workers in this region are access to the market and community development. Market regulation after Fair Trade certification has allowed employees to achieve economic independence and has improved living standards of workers and the community.


Fair Trade premiums fund local school's infrastructure expansion

Starting In 2007, workers at Shalimar Flowers used Fair Trade premiums for the construction of two elemnary school classrooms, including the installation of water fountains and storage tanks. Fair Trade community development funds also assisted in the purchase of 10 acres of land and the construction of three new classrooms for the local high school. Thanks to the workers' Fair Trade premium allocation, education is an achievable reality for many.

Community Sports League Created by Joint Body

With assistance from Fair Trade premiums, the farm workers oversaw the creation of local sports leagues for football, netball and other indoor games starting in 2009. Many workers and community members have joined the teams which now compete at a national level. Workers say their participation in this program fosters community development, pride and unity.

Women's Empowerment Workshop funded by Fair Trade Premiuims

Fair Trade premiums allocated by the Joint Body also fund workshops for female empowerment. These are designed to encourage participation in community activities such as the Community Development Committee through discussions on gender.