Producer Profiles

SCFCU - Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union

SCFCU was founded in 2001 to represent coffee producing cooperatives located throughout the Sidama zone of southern Ethiopia. As a result of the region's excellent soil, ideal climate, and high elevation (1,750-2,100m), they have become an origin recognized for their world-class specialty coffee production. SCFCU supports farmers by developing producer/buyer linkages, directly exporting members' coffee to the international market, and facilitating access to finance for the harvest.


The benefits of Fair Trade and other certifications cannot be overstated. With price premiums, farming communities are able to feed themselves and invest in new infrastructure such as roads, grain mills, schools, access to electricity, bridges, and other much-needed facilities.  

Berhanu Legesse, General Manager


Productivity & Quality

With the Fair Trade premium, SCFCU was able to invest in essential coffee production infrastructure like roads and bridges. These key investments allow coop members to more swiftly bring their product to the washing stations. Roads and bridges also benefit the community at large through basic transportation capacity.

In 2015 SCFCU members were trained on productivity and quality. SCFCU also used the premium to purchase and renovate coffee processing machinery.


SCFCU invested the premium in establishing electricity infrastructure in member communities. This not only serves to improve the livelihoods of members and their families, but also minimizes deforestation as less firewood is needed.