Producer Profiles

Rosas del Monte Rosemonte

Rosas del Monte and Ponte Tresa are two flower farms located in the Otavalo Canton of Ecuador. These 20 hectares of land enjoy ideal conditions including healthy soil, clean water and a high altitude.
Though Rosas del Monte was not Fair Trade Certified™ until 2003, the company has been committed to Fair Trade values since its conception in 1991. In addition to treating the workers fairly, Rosas del Monte helps preserve the environment by eliminating the toxicological Category I pesticides in its farms. The farm is in the process of replacing all chemical products with organic alternatives to protect both the earth and the workers.


The credit they gave me went to improving my household. Because of the credit, I was able to fix up the house and not have to lease it anymore. As for the scholarship project, I have two sons who are studying and thanks to this project I can buy all the items on the school supply list. As for the mechanics course, I was able to learn and receive training on auto mechanics. I am also considering purchasing a car in the near future.  

David Chirtala

I'm a beneficiary of the student scholarship project, which helped me pay for my school uniforms and footwear. My daughters are happy because I told them their new attire was a prize for earning good grades, which motivates them to stay dedicated. The beauty training course has helped me with saving money I used to spend on getting my daughters' hair cut.  

Carmen Camuendo Sandoval

The credit program helped me to be able to complete the finishing touches on my house, since I didn't have plaster to put in the floor tiles. With the loan they granted, my wife and I were able to get new credit so that we could finish our house.  

Victor Ipiales


Microfinance programs

Rosas del Monte financed various programs with Fair Trade premium funds. 26 women benefited from this microlending program which helped them with start-up costs for establishing small hair, makeup and nail salon businesses.

Scholarship project and computer center

A scholarship program was implemented with Fair Trade premiums, benefiting 74 workers and their children. Additionally, a computer center was created to serve the San Pablo del Lago community.

Various health education programs

132 Rosas del Monte members received health education on prevention and control of infections, addiction and sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS, alcoholism and drug addiction.