Producer Profiles

PRODECOOP - Promotora de Desarrollo Cooperativo Las Segovias

La Central de Cooperativas de Servicios Multiples (PRODECOOP) is made up of 40 cooperatives located in three areas of northern Nicaragua: Esteli, Madriz and Nueva Segovia. PRODECOOP is a small-holder organization that was created with a mission to help commercialize its members’ products in a highly competitive market.

Created in 1993, PRODECOOP represents the interests and well being of its 2,300 members, 30 percent of whom are women. After obtaining Fair Trade certification, PRODECOOP's members have gained better access to the specialty coffee market, earning recognition for their quality coffee. With the use of their Fair Trade premiums, PRODECOOP has been able to offer capacity building programs to develop and strengthen members’ knowledge of coffee production.

PRODECOOP has focused on promoting the equality of women in all processes of the cooperative. They require that women hold at least 40 percent of the leadership positions within the structure of the cooperative. Training programs are held on a regular basis to educate both genders about how vital it is to include women in leadership roles, highlighting the important role their voice plays in successful coffee production from harvest to distribution.

PRODECOOP distributes Fair Trade premiums to its member organizations and manages the rest for socio-economic projects aimed at improving the livelihoods of producers. There is a General Assembly that holds meetings and democratically votes on how the money will be invested. Annually, they invest 55 percent of Fair Trade premiums in business development, 15 percent in education and scholarship funds, 10 percent in social projects focused on food security and health, 10 percent in member organizations, and 10 percent to support women’s projects.


I have been a part of Fair Trade since 1994 and it has changed my family's outlook on our future. The possibilities are endless! I feel more confident about my coffee production and know it will be distributed to international markets. I have been able to invest in this production, and in turn, I have been able afford a better education for my children. Fair Trade will continue to guarantee us a secure future.  

Mario Torrez, President & Chairman of Prodecoop

Fair Trade has helped me buy more land and add improvements to our house. Now we have access to electricity, water and television, but most importantly, we have access to consistent income. It guarantees that there is food for our children.  

Allan Arauz Alguilera, Cooperative Member


Support for New Coffee Plants and Growers

Many producers have invested in planting new coffee plants to increase production. Due to a shortage of technicians and large areas of land, the cooperative hired technical trainers to educate 40 producers about Fair Trade standards and how to properly take care of young coffee plants. The trainers and producers each received a small stipend as a token of appreciation for their time and hard work.