Producer Profiles

PRODECOOP - Promotora de Desarrollo Cooperativo Las Segovias

PRODECOOP is made up of 40 cooperatives located in three areas of northern Nicaragua: Estelí, Madriz, and Nueva Segovia. PRODECOOP is a smallholder organization that was created in 1993 with a mission to help commercialize its members’ products in a highly competitive market. PRODECOOP has focused on promoting the equality of women in all processes of the cooperative. Women must hold at least 40 percent of the leadership positions within the structure of the cooperative. Training programs are held on a regular basis to educate both genders about how vital it is to include women in leadership roles, highlighting the important role their voice plays in successful coffee production from harvest to distribution.


“Coffee is the main source of income for our members and their families. Within our cooperative, by investing in producing better quality coffee, we have access to the Fair Trade market, and thus increased revenue for our members. Through the minimum price and social premium, we are able to improve our lives.”  



Productivity & Quality

Since 46% of PRODECOOP’s members are organic, PRODECOOP invests in organic fertilizer production. Productivity investments also included seed nurseries and technical assistance to combat rust and climate change.

PRODECOOP’s infrastructure investments included improvements to roads, wet mills, and nurseries. PRODECOOP also has a fund to allow the wives and daughters of members to purchase land, not only to produce their own coffee, but also to facilitate their involvement in decision-making processes.


PRODECOOP invested the premium in 56 scholarships for children of members to attend middle and high school, as well as college. Premium investments also help to alleviate food insecurity, with 116 families raising chickens, and 280 families implementing vegetable gardens.

Community investments benefitted women’s health by facilitating access to detection, prevention, and treatment of cervical cancer.