Producer Profiles


PROCAFE was founded in 2011 by 32 members, based in the three municipalities of San Juan de Rio Coco, Telpaneca, and Quilali.


Productivity & Quality

For members of PROCAFE, an increase in the quality of their coffee directly corresponds to a higher quality of life. This is why members voted to invest part of the premium to improve production processes, and thereby meet the high expectations of the certified markets.

Farmer Finances

PROCAFE designated part of the premium as an additional payment to members, so they would be able to make necessary investments related to health, education, and food security.


PROCAFE member families donated 130 computers after identifying the need for more technology at a local school. Members also voted to use a part of the premium to help purchase uniforms for a local youth baseball team. PROCAFE believes youth participation in sports leads to well-balanced adults.

Producer Organizations

In order to access higher priced, international markets, PROCAFE members voted to use part of the premium to pay some costs associated with maintaining various certifications.