Producer Profiles

PROASSA - Promotora de la Agricultura Sustentable S.A.

Located high in the Peruvian Andes, PROASSA is known worldwide for the work of women coffee producers. PROASSA, Promotora de la Agricultura Sustentable S.A., is a producer and exporter of certified organic coffee in Chiclayo, Peru. Founded in 1995 as a joint effort of producer associations of Cajamarca, Lambayeque, Amazonas y San Martín, PROASSA is committed to the sustainable development of the Northeast region of Peru.

Since 2013 PROASSA has worked to expand access to the benefits of Fair Trade for farmers that own small parcels of land but are not organized into cooperatives or association. With 406 hectares under Fair Trade production, the worker committee composed of independent smallholders, have directed Fair Trade premiums towards organic production improvements, technical assistance and community programs.


We are a group of newly incorporated producers. For this year we are receiving technical support in order to access all the benefits that Fair Trade brings-- the minimum price, capacity building to enhance production in our fields, better management of our organizations and to improve the quality of life of our families.  

Neptalí Velásquez

Our soils will be fertilized with organic fertilizers purchased with the Fair Trade premium and distributed to producers in proportion to the coffee cultivated in the campaign. It will help us greatly to improve the yields per hectare, which are currently low. Also it will help us strengthen our crops so they are not affected by pests and diseases.  

Agustín Tarrillo, president of workers committee


Technical Assistance in Sustainable Agriculture

Use of a portion of the Fair Trade premium towards sustainable agriculture trainings infrastructure help PROASSA increase production and mitigate coffee rust, a fungus that grows on the leaves of coffee plants, with commitment to the most environmentally sound practices.