Producer Profiles

Permata Gayo Cooperative

Permata Gayo is located in the Gayo region in Western Sumatra, Indonesia. The area suffered heavily during the Aceh conflict between 1976 and 2005. Since the end of the conflict, the region has made steps towards recovery, but coffee production remains one of the only income options for many in the area. However, with the demand for coffee from the Gayo region increasing, the potential for social and economic development in the community is also increasing. Permata Gayo was formed in 2006 by 50 coffee famers spread throughout five villages in the Bandar sub-district in Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia. The organization was founded in order to increase the sale of organic coffee and generate benefits for the allied small-scale farmers.


"My name is Jukardi, and I farm one hectare of land, which produces about 1,000 kg of green coffee. I have been a member of Permata Gayo since 2009. I am grateful to Permata Gayo for all of the trainings, and agricultural tools that are available thanks to the Fair Trade premium. As a member, I have many opportunities to learn about improving the quality of coffee through seed selection, how to cup coffee, and I have also visited the Central Coffee Research Institute Aceh. Every year outside of the harvest, Permata Gayo provides food such as rice, oil, and sugar to all members, so that we can feel the immediate benefit of the premium. Looking forward, I hope Permata Gayo will continue to grow and provide guidance."  



Producer Organizations

Permata Gayo used the premium to invest in operational infrastructure including vehicle maintenance and office space, as well as marketing and promotional materials.

Productivity & Quality

With the Fair Trade premium, Permata Gayo was able to conduct various trainings with members including pruning, composting, nursery, cupping, and quality control.


Permata Gayo created a social fund with the premium to aid members in times of accidents and natural disasters. Permata Gayo also invested the premium in sponsorship arts, sports, and local events. Additionally the cooperative was able to mitigate erosion, promote biodiversity and water and soil conservation.