Producer Profiles

PAOLT - Productores Agrícolas Orgánicos La Trinidad

Image from the PAOLT Facebook page.
PAOLT, or the Productores Agrícolas Orgánicos La Trinidad, is an organic and Fair Trade Certified coffee producer organization located in Trinidad, Honduras, in the country’s northwest region. It was founded in 1999 by a small team dedicated to the unification of small coffee growers in order to improve their quality of life through sales to international markets. The organization represents farmers from nine municipalities in the region. PAOLT, today, assists its 225 small- to medium-sized producers not only by providing premium prices, but through access to finance or credit assistance, production and personal development workshops, and other social benefits otherwise difficult for farmers to attain –many with support from the Fair Trade Premium.


I am proud I have fulfilled my dream of owning a business. Now I can support my family.  

Jeny Ramirez, Small Producer


Strengthening Organizational Capacity to Enhance Community Development

PAOLT’s General Assembly agreed to use Fair Trade premiums to purchase two acres of land to construct their headquarters and a small coffee shop. PAOLT developed a strategic plan based on the following values: honesty, transparency, respect, solidarity, equity and non-discrimination.

Micro Loans for Small Family Businesses

PAOLT distributes loans for members and their families who want to start a small business. A total of 12 entrepreneurs submitted their business plans and payment plan agreements and invested in small bakery businesses, craft workshops, dress shops and others.