Producer Profiles

PAOLT - Productores Agrícolas Orgánicos La Trinidad

PAOLT, or the Productores Agrícolas Orgánicos La Trinidad, is an organic and Fair Trade Certified coffee producer organization located in Trinidad, Honduras, in the country’s northwest region. It was founded in 1999 by a small team dedicated to the unification of small coffee growers in order to improve their quality of life through sales to international markets. The organization represents farmers from nine municipalities in the region. PAOLT, today, assists its 225 small- to medium-sized producers not only by providing premium prices, but through access to finance or credit assistance, production and personal development workshops, and other social benefits otherwise difficult for farmers to attain –many with support from the Fair Trade Premium.


I am proud I have fulfilled my dream of owning a business. Now I can support my family.  

Jeny Ramirez, PRODUCER



PAOLT provided subsidized health insurance to the coffee farmers and their families of Trinidad municipality. This program, facilitated by local leaders, used group interaction to increase awareness and knowledge of health insurance benefits. This also allowed PAOLT’s members to be able to choose for treatment at a private facility if for example the availability of medicines was a problem at public facilities.

Farmer Finances

PAOLT has successfully increased farmers' share of the price received for the coffee. One of its Fair Trade premium expenditures include second payment for producer members so that they may receive additional needed income to reinvest it in their own farms.